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Central States MHC, Inc.

Central States MHC, Inc. was incorporated in 1984.  Since our inception we have used a strengths based approach in assisting people experiencing problems with alcohol and/or drug use, misuse and dependence.  We assist consumers in the process of license reinstatement after a DWI offense by providing SATOP services.


What we do

Central States MHC, Inc. offers probation, bond supervision, SATOP, alcohol/drug education, counseling,  as well as other court service programs.  We provide various services in Jackson, Johnson, Lafayette, Pettis and Ray county.


Substance Use Services

Having over twenty-five years in the Substance Abuse field allows us to bring experience and know-how to the therapeutic process.  Our team of Certified Substance Abuse Professionals work to provide services not only for the individual experiencing the alcohol/drug problem, but for the families and spouses (significant others) that have been affected.

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Central States MHC, Inc.

1132 SW Luttrell Rd, Blue Springs, Missouri 64015, United States

(816) 224-4417


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

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