Alcohol and Drug Education Class

A 10 hour education program discussing the effects of alcohol and drugs on a person's life areas, mind, body and spirit.

Shoplifting Prevention Program

A 4 hour educational class for those individuals charged with shoplifting or theft.  

Victim Impact Panel (VIP)

A program designed to educate offenders involved in alcohol, drug and serious traffic offenses of the effects of their actions on themselves, family, victims and their community.

Domestic Abuse Intervention Program

Men's groups,  27 week Duluth model program. Held in Blue Springs, MO. 

Individual therapy for women needing domestic violence services.

Group on Monday's at 7pm.

Anger Management Class

An 8 hour educational class for first time offenders and those ordered by the court.

Relapse Prevention Group Therapy

An outpatient alcohol and drug treatment program focusing on relapse prevention and aftercare.  Held in Blue Springs, MO.

Monday and Thursday Groups available.

Additional Services

Individual Counseling

Provided by state certified addiction counselors.

Alcohol & Drug Evaluations

Evaluations available based on needs.

Anger Evaluations

Evaluations to determine the need for anger treatment.